Monday, March 15, 2010

A Milky Way on your table

message for Christmas of 2009 :
This year, Christmas also rhymed with homemade, whether it was for meals or for gifts. But an other part of Christmas I couldn't leave behind was the table. This is the place where all members of the family reunite for hours before midnight, and I wanted it to be inviting, shiny and homely. So I plunged my hand into my magic bag and found a paper somewhat festive that could decorate our large white tablecloth.

I had previously tested paper knots for a wrapping box, but I wanted to see something like the Milky Way rather than the mountain of shiny gifts. The only good paper left was white and gold. A choice rather simple but that fitted perfectly next to the the gingerbread community I made to indicate the place of the guests.

I found the form of paper buttons while rummaging through the latest Marie-Claire Idées magazine, and then I improvised by continuing to fold and cut strips of gold paper. In addition to small gloden stars brought out by my cousin, the table was still modest, but it's always better when you have ten dishes to put on!

For the manufacture of a button, you'll need 4 squares of paper about 4 cm side. Fold each piece in eight strips, then just double up in the middle. Glue the two edges to make even as a fan, and then connect all fours components to form the complete disc.

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