Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Twelfth Night calzone

message from January, 14th :
When we're only three to eat a Twelfth Night cake, and when you buy only one flaky pastry when you know very well it takes two for this recipe, you must find a fallback solution. I will not take responsibility for the missing pastry this time, because it was my dear father who insisted that I make one. But hey, he bought everything else!

As we had already eaten what we call in Provence "Crown of Kings" (it's more like a crown-shaped brioche filled with candied fruits and topped with big grains of sugar and slices of other candied fruits), and because it was Sunday, I decided my best option what to make some kind of calzone. Especially because I ran out of ground almonds! But no worries, there's always some squares of chocolate left. The result is a whole fresh cake with a good balance between the almond and chocolate, very light and not too sweet.

Ingredients for an almond and chocolate calzone : 
1 flaky pastry 
50g of chocolate to melt 
2 tablespoons single cream 
25g soft butter 
2 tablespoons sugar 
2 tablespoons ground almonds 
1 egg 
1 pinch of salt 
+ Yolk of an egg to brown and 3 lucky charms (one for each, we're kind of unlucky)

Preheat your oven to 200 ° C. 
Heat cream in a saucepan. When it begins to boil, add the chocolate. Lower the heat to low and stir until all is smooth. Remove pan from the heat, and let it cool. In a bowl, whisk the soft butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Break the egg and add the almond powder as well. Mix. Finally add the chocolate ganache to the dough. 

In a pie dish covered with greaseproof paper (or leaving the sheet on which usually rests the flaky pastry you bought), place the flaky pastry in the middle and fold it slightly in the center to help you locate the middle. Pour the ganache on half of the pastry, then cover with the ohter half. Moisten the edges with water and close the dough by pressing the edges together. 

Draw designs on the dough with a knife, taking care not to cut through. Separate the yolk of an egg in a ramekin, and with a kitchen brush, brush on the surface. Bake 10min at 200°C, then continue 20mn at 180°C. 

The Twelth Night cake is perfect when it's warm, so do not wait too long! Sorry, I have no photos of the interior, it has been swallowed up too fast!

Detail from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, Act II sc.4, by Walter Howell Deverell.

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