Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Honeycomb Queen

As promised, here is the second batch of declined cookies from the recipe made in the previous post. Being a diligent student, I made my list of possible things to represent is a crispy version. And as I had a beautiful collection of decorating stuff by my side, I knew it was possible to do almost everything. But I found that the list of animals represented was a bit short. Chicks, rabbits, fishes... Either it's a bright yellow, fluffy but mild, or it's shiny and moves in masses. But isn't there an option to put everything together? No, maybe not, but it's at this exact moment that I thought about bees.

Lots of honeys are produced during Spring, with string of flowers freshly bloomed. Is it not the sweetest of all? A soft and sunny hug? I'm not going to hide it: I am totally mad about honey. I can not do without it. Once my pot has lowered to half of its content, I think of the next I'll find (and at this point I think the best I have ever eaten comes from Corsica, an area that seems very far away ... ).

All this small talk leads me to say that I wanted to do something related to bees, while keeping the idea of Easter in mind. So I thought about honeycomb, which would equate more with waffles, but unfortunately I have no material to cook these. Then I thought of different nests, and of the basket to collect eggs in the garden. And so I came to this result: simple strips of dough, crossed at regular intervals, brushed with egg yolks before cooking so they would shine like sunny Spring, and finally covered with royal icing on the back. It's so simple that I wanted to do it again and again, but when it comes to eating, nothing is better than a drizzle of flowery honey that slides through the cells and slips on your fingers.

To find the recipe, gloss over this link.

And for the royal icing slide down that one.

"The Queen was in the parlour, eating bread and honey" (detail), pictured by Valentine Cameron Prinsep, 1860.

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