Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Last drip of Easter dough

I have said before that I'm often surprised to see it's sometimes the ugliest preparations or those that seem to have failed, that others like most. But the funny thing is, it's mostly men who make this remark. I guess you don't necessarily need to spend hours putting up incredible recipes to please them, and sometimes even being a little wilder and offhand can make a good cake spicy. 

The last time that I saw it, was when I did my series of biscuits for Easter. I had one piece of dough left, but not enough to make new variations from it. So I just made a nice disk-shaped base, and I cooked it. I don't know why I just wanted cast and stack the decorations on top, I guess I had to do something almost outrageous. Perhaps because the rest of the biscuits were precise and controlled. But what I did is simple: I threw a packet of marshmallow above, I gave the oven a few minutes to melt it a little so that they clung to the biscuit. Then I used the remaining chocolate icing to make a net, and I finished with silver sugar pearls. 

When my brother came on Easter Sunday, I told him not to pay attention to this, that it was just a last minute frenzy and his reaction was stark. He told me that this was the first one into which he wanted to sink his teeth. And it's true that it was good. The fluffy marshmallow mixture over the crunchy biscuit makes a double experience in the mouth, and we want to do as for stuffed biscuits: dismember their features conscientiously and eat them in small bites. It's so childish you can't resist it.

So, in order to let your inner childish mind breathe a bit, wander there.

Detail from a picture of the Amrecian painter Jackson Pollock (1912-1956), working on the canvas of a new Abstract Expressionist artwork. Pollock was mainly photographed by Hans Namuth, and is globaly known for his exclusive use of dripping paint to create his works.


  1. waaaaa you really have an abounding imagination!
    I follow your blog regularly, I love it :)

  2. yum yum!!! This one looks amazing, can you do it for me please, when you come around... (and don't mind the "please", that's an order actually!!)

  3. Thanks Anonymous! I'm so happy to see peole like to come here often. I don't know who you are, but I hope to see you there again!