Monday, May 31, 2010

Making : Kiss Is A Knife

A few months ago, I started working on an animation. It was a clip for Kiss Is A Knife, a song rather crazy, written and performed by Marcus Foster. I had a brief opportunity to meet him early February and hoped to finish my project quickly. But two weeks later, I was flying toward Birmingham. I always kept the project in mind, I still do, but the life changing has somewhat slowed the process. 

Finding a job is my priority at the moment, and besides, where I am now I have less equipment. Brushes and paint are not such trouble, but it's the missing scanner that causes me the most problems, since I have none! It is true that I could buy one, it wouldn't cost me an arm, but as long as I don't feel like I'm "settled" here, I hardly buy anything.

So until I achieve in this video clip, here is a short video of the making process. Nothing out of the ordinary here, just little bits of film shot by a wandering camera while I painted. And I've noticed too late that the width was somewhat wrong. But with the animated previews, it made two different formats. I guess you have to make concessions.

You can either watch the video on Youtube or Vimeo. 

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