Sunday, July 18, 2010

I've been cooking (truth)

By the look of the blog, it seems like I haven't been cooking for a while: wrong! Actually, I've been quite busy these last weeks, mostly doing jobs that didn't get me any money (and that's not about to change yet). Parts of them were for myself, like re-designing my professional website, my logo, developing a font based on it and designing business cards. You can see a bit of it above. I guess nobody's suprised I work under Alphabakery's name. I just can't seem to escape typography and baking.

Here on the blog, I haven't shown what I did lately. Well, I baked a rhubarb tart topped with a onctuous italian meringue which had much success. To tell the truth, I did three small ones, using the fruits from my garden, and had trouble finding moulds for them. I have to thank my housemate with that issue. You will have a post for it.

Then, this saturday, I spent the whole afternoon selling cakes and books and plants and talking to people to raise money for a charity. I had to wake up early, which I did naturaly an hour before my alarm, yet stayed in bed until I finally heard it ring. I baked a French cake called Quatre-quart, which can ba translated as Four-quarters cake, because you have to put the same weight of eggs, flour, sugar and butter to it. I haven't been able to take a picture of this, neither taste it because a man I quickly talked to decided to buy the whole thing for his son's birthday! So I sincerely hope it was good. 
I also baked Navettes, ship-shaped biscuits, because they are one of the traditional delicacies from Aix-en-Provence, and Provence in general. I used essence of orange blossoms to flavour. Other flavours such as anise are most commonly used for these. Very Provençal indeed! I had a chance to eat one of those (mostly due to the bottom of a few that ended burned and I considered weren't even worth 10p) but didn't take a picture either. The shape almost disappeared when I cooked them, so I need to try once more. However, the texture and taste were good.

So I swear I have some things coming soon. Stay tuned!

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