Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jonsi's trufflelesque fudges

message for Christmas of 2009 :
I promised myself that I would make the squary chocolate fudges Jonsi & Alex showed on their website. Though the shape of the ones I made is nothing like the originals, I think they taste the same. At least I hope so. I gave them the form of marbles, because it was the easiest to do (apart from the obvious shapeless rock) and I rolled them in cocoa to prevent them from sticking together.

This is the first time I had to use agave syrup and I was really curious to try it. Its texture is similar to honey, but the taste doesn't resemble at all. This is not particularly tasty. It reminds me of cactus though I've never tasted cactus. But what is sure, is that this syrup has quite a phenomenal sweetness which inspires me lots of culinary experiments!

Ingredients for thirty big trufflelesque fudges:
80g shelled walnuts
70g of coconut powdered
30g cocoa
1 / 3 stick of vanilla
1 pinch salt
95ml agave syrup
+ Cocoa for coating

Mix nuts into a coarse powder and add coconut to refine it. Put the two nuts powder in a bowl and add the other ingredients in order, stirring either by hand or with a spoon. The result will be quite sticky. Place dough in a refrigerator for at least two hours.

Before forming your sweet marbles, pour cocoa in a shallow dish. Take a bit of dough in your fingers and roll it in the hollow of your palm. Once obtained, roll the ball into the cocoa and put it in paper cups or a platter. I chose to put them in little golden boxes. It's easier to use and keep in shape. If you have to wait before you eat them, I recommend you to keep them in a cool place.

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