Monday, April 12, 2010

Birdy Bunkers

Despite my great production for Jonsi's concert, I had to stop before I used all the dough and put the remaining in the freezer, certain that soon there would be a good opportunity to bake it. It's not even a week later that it happened, since there was my father's birthday. What's better than a loving Alphabaked! box for that special day? I admit that it arrived a little late, but it's the advantage of biscuits : they are dry already, so they last longer (if you don't eat them straightaway).

You can find the recipe used for his Birdy Bunkers here, they are very simple, but perfect when they are topped with a light royal icing. As my father loves golf, and it must be confessed, Great Britain is great for that - it's not for nothing that it comes from Scotland - the first thing that came to my mind was to give him a bit of a Swing. This is the result. I only omitted the flag at the entrance of the hole, but I feared he wouldn't fit in the bag, since the ball is quite oversized ...

The ball was made with white chocolate chips

Detail from a picture of Ercel Kay (1889-1965), Founder of Salem Golf Club, 1927.

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