Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A lunch at the crack of dawn

Every time I bake sweet cupcakes, I tell myself that I should try myself on a savoury version. This is what I did recently. After filling my basket (and perhaps too much) of fruits and vegetables at the market, I had plenty of choices to fill some paper cups with a tasty preparation. Considering summer is now here, there's no question to leave any colour behind. You have to remain festive whatever the circumstances.

Unfortunately, I won't give the recipe here. Not that I lost it, but despite their attractive appearance, they were not successful enough for my liking to give you instructions. The dough was good but too heavy. I'll try again no matter what and edit the message. For now, enjoy the pictures, and this so soothing painting of a field of Alfalfa (I love that name so much!) by my favorite pointillist artist Georges Seurat
Actually, this field is not that soothing. It just makes me want to run and immerse myself in it, hoping that I will disappear under the short forest of golden blades of grass.

A field of Alfalfa, Saint Denis, by Georges Seurat, 1885.

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