Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sticks and Stones

Tuesday my day felt very quiet. But inside I was still singing! screaming! whistling! jumping! clapping on tune and smiling! My whole being was smiling. That day, I woke up with “Stars in Still Water” in my head. Now it’s “Sticks and Stones”. Even three days after Jònsi's concert at the Bataclan in Paris, I still breathe a feverish air.

The stage of the Bataclan is rather small, but it fitted well. All five of the band were always close from each other which made it easy for us to try and catch a glimpse of everything that was happening. The beautiful sets (which must represent a lot of work from the crew, so thumbs up for them!) completed with a waterfall of effects was surrounding and wrapping them in Jònsi’s peculiar universe.

The only drawback was the heat, especially because I came dressed as a fish.  The same costume I made for the last rehearsal in London. But even if I was so hot wearing this, I would not have been removed of my pool of happiness. Jònsi’s music is like an ocean of happiness. But he knows how to silence a whole crowd of cheering people in an instant or get them to hit their feet on the wooden floor. He can be as peaceful as a lake and as raging as the sea. Every emotion has its place during the concert, which leaves us exhausted but sweating with euphoria… and longing for the next time he’ll be there. Because I know I will.

If you don't know about him, you have to. I know some won't like his music, but for those who will, you will never regret listening to him. Just watch these before you keep reading.

Then this is a little reminder of last Sigur Ròs album, thanks to La Blogothèque.

I saw Jònsi singing live (as part of Sigur Ròs and on his own) four times now. Five if I count the day I nearly ran into him at the screening of Heima. Everytime as been unreal and unique.

(this is one of the worst video you'll get of them, but it's mine)

1. At the Arras festival, summer 2008, just after "Med sud y Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust" got released. It was a huge evening, with Radiohead after them as well. This was the day my sister fell for them. I had never so proud of making her listening to Sigur Ròs. She's always with me since that day, and together we still remember how Jònsi kept forgetting the lyrics, and how cold it was the night when the show ended and we had to stay out until we got our train.

2. At the Zenith in Paris, autumn 2008. This was a proper Sigur Ròs concert. My sister and I were drowning in the crowd, but we were in heaven. By that time, my parents had also got the virus and had seats as well. They didn't stay later though, when we waited for them to come out and sign our cds. Being fetish, I didn't bring any, because I knew if I did, they would not come to us. Eventually they did, and it makes me laugh to even think about it. Have you ever got an autograph while lying on the ground? Well, I have. As was Jònsi.

3. At 3Mills Studio in London, March 2010. This was for the final rehearsal of  Jònsi's concert, before the world tour. I was one of the 50 lucky people picked to assist to the show and see the sets and animation come to life for the first time. But we had to come dressed as animals, so I made my Flying Fish costume for the event. I met great people that night, although I was completely lost and alone in London, and I lived my first after party. 

4. At the Bataclan in Paris, June 2010. Well, you heard about that one above. 

I stretched my arm as far as I could to get this one.
If you know the titles of the songs, then you see most of them are wrong.

So, when will the next one be? I can hardly wait.

The first pictures of Jònsi comes from iamjonsi's Flickr. All rights reserved. Go check Jònsi's website for more.

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