Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My best scones ever… bad day = good cooking

I always found that cooking had a soothing effect on me. When I'm feeling a little low, though. Because when I feel great, I also love to cook! Nothing's really new in this post. The scone recipe comes from here, it's just that today they came up beautifully.

Look at those heavy, crispy, crunchy yet tender scones… Yum!

Maybe it came from my big bag of raisins and candied oranges, or maybe because I roughly cut the dough in big rectangles rather than forming circles. Maybe that's because I made them with eyes barely open so I could make my breakfast before the long day. Or maybe it's the cold and rain outside that forced them to enjoy the warmth of the oven. It can be whatever reason, as long as I get to eat those again.

Still warm inside. No need to add anything on top of these.

To cook your scones in the morning fog, follow the crumbles here.

Detail from the illustration of the tea party in The Nutcracker by Adrienne Segur, 1953.  

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