Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Lovers' letter

There is little time, I attended the second wedding of the year. And there's still one to be done in just a few weeks! Apart from the hat and the bag that I crafted for the occasion, I also made a small card to congratulate my drear newlyweds. It's an idea I had for a while, but I never took time to make it real. 

The two faces are very simple, I just cut out their profile in soft curves. Their eye shut, her mouth punctuated with bright red and his complexion slightly darker, this card is shuttered by their only kiss. You can choose the angle of their embrace, it works in both cases (as it does in real life, if you ask me).

"Oh please, don't separate us!"

After this, I wanted to do it with famous couples, adding a detail so people could recognise them. But it will be for later.

I also made a enveloppe to protect the card. I wish I had also invented the paper,
by I must admit that I found it in my local art shop.

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